Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baltimore City Fire Department Thrill Show


Saturday, October 3, 2009
11:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.
Baltimore City Fire Academy
6720 Pulaski Highway

The Thrill Show is held to promote fire safety and prevention within our communities as well as give the public a “bird’s eye” view and “close up” encounter of the work that our firefighters and EMS personnel perform every day to save lives and protect property in the City of Baltimore. The day will begin with various stunts to include a mock Automobile Fire with patient extrication. This re-enactment will provide an opportunity to actually see the “Jaws of Life” in action by members of our Rescue Team. There will also be a High Rise demonstration by our Special Rescue Operations Team who will perform a straight repel and rescue a victim from a multi-story building, a Firefighter Competition and a Christmas Tree fire. We will also have a Burn Cell demonstration (to se how fires start and rapidly spread), numerous static displays that highlight fire safety literature, Fire Engines and Trucks, Heavy Rescue Unit and specialty equipment along with Dive Team members, BCFD/Johns Hopkins Mobile Safety Center and the Baltimore Police Helicopter.

Additional attractions involve Fire Engine Rides, Emergency Medical Services personnel who perform blood pressure screenings, Hazardous Materials Unit, Moon Bounce and Ball Crawl for kids. There will also be Food and Fun for everyone in attendance.

To showcase additional resources and information, we will have on hand representatives from various City agencies available to provide brochures and literature about their respective agency’s operations and services to the public.

As fire prevention month (October) approaches, we use this time to place greater emphasis on fire safety and prevention and teach you how to protect yourselves, families and home from the dangers of fires.

Each year thousands of lives are claimed and billions of dollars are spent preventing, detecting and containing fires. You to can make a difference by increasing the fire safety measure in your home by following these fire safety tips;

• Properly install “Smoke Detectors” on every level of your home, test them monthly and replace the batteries at least twice a year.

• Create a fire escape plan for you and your family

• Don’t wear loose fit clothing while cooking and never leave food on the stove unattended

• Space heaters require space. Keep at least three feet between you and any heating device

• Kerosene heaters are illegal in Baltimore City and can be confiscated by the appropriate fire department personnel

• Fire places build up creosote in their chimneys and can be potential fire hazards.

Chimney’s should be cleaned and inspected for obstructions and cracks prior to use in order to avoid deadly fires.

The Baltimore City Fire Department would like to recognize and thank Maryland Association for Justice for their continued sponsorship and support. It is with their assistance that we have been able to promote fire safety, prevention and educational programs within our community. The Baltimore City Fire Department invites all City employees, their family’s and friends to join us at this year’s Annual Thrill Show. Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn about fire safety and prevention and meet representatives from your local fire department.


For additional information, contact the Public Information Office at 410-396-5616 or log onto www.baltimorecity.gov-fire

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