2022 Board Members

President: Helene Quinn

1st VP: Andy Ellis

2nd VP: Vacant

Treasurer: TBA

Secretary: Nathasha Winston

Parliamentarian: Dean Hunter

Member at Large: Frank Williams

Seargent-at-Arms: TBA

Helene Quinn, President

After living in Harford County most of my life, I fell in love with the beautiful homes in Waltherson & I bought mine in early 1998.  My very first friend introduced me to the Waltherson Improvement Association & I immediately got involved.  It gave me a sense of fellowship & the support we needed for the variety of goals we shared.  I’ve stayed involved, off & on, all these years.  I feel a part of the bigger picture in which we have avenues to help achieve the things we believe contribute to a great way of life here.  I meet people from all walks of life & I cherish our diversity.  How fun it is to walk to our local restaurants or shop near home & people know you!  I’m always warmed by the friendliness & respect that I find in all of the neighborhoods here.  On a personal note, my husband & I are retired & love our home & neighborhood. We marvel at the blessing of time with our children & grandkids.  I also rescue animals that need a little love.  I enjoy meeting new people, so please consider getting involved in keeping Waltherson’s neighborhood the best place to call home.  

Mary Eileen Mullen

I grew up in a small town in Baltimore county. Although I don’t think we had a community association, we sure did have a community that revolved around our church, the school, families and many friends. My younger sister moved to Lauraville in 1990 and my older sister and her husband soon followed in1991.  It took me a bit longer but I moved here in 1999 and never looked back. 
I am the second owner of my house and was lucky the first owner, son of the first buyer when it was built, kept all the original features.  I love my stained glass windows, front door, oak trim, pine floors and a beautiful oak staircase.   
To me, Hamilton/Lauraville always reminded me of a Christmas village with the many styles of homes, cottages, four squares and farmhouses.
I am optimistic about the neighborhood and it’s potential.  It has great walkability, diversity and many new restaurants and interesting shops that have appeared.  It’s my small town now and I’m glad to be here.