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September Newsletter

Waltherson Members,

A copy of the June Newsletter is linked to below. Our September meeting will be at Harbel at 7:45 PM on Wednesday, September 5th. 

September Newsletter

If you are interested, some of us in Waltherson will also be getting together at Zeke's Coffee on Sunday, September 2nd between noon and 2 PM to chat over some coffee.  Please feel free to stop by, say hi, and join us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 8/29/2012 12:06:00 PM

Update on Problem Properties in Waltherson

Waltherson contacted Councilman Curran's office regarding several properties in our neighborhood.  We have received the following response on five properties from his office and Code Enforcement.

I wanted to follow up on your email below. We looked into the status of each of these properties, and we’re working to issue citations with associated fines, or have our attorneys take action, on each. Individual status updates are below.

-          Both 5215 Harford Road and 4817 Arabia are currently going through the receivership process, so they’ll be auctioned to new owners imminently. Their court dates are 9/25/12 and 9/11/12, respectively.
-          3502 Echodale: The owner was most recently issued a $900 citation on August 24th for not abating the vacant building notice. The citation requires the owner to pay the fine and abate the violation or face legal action from the City.
-          3100 Rueckert: We’re working on confirming ownership so that we can take action; in a recent conversation with our inspector, the owner’s wife informed us that the bank had sold the property. We need to determine what occurred so we can follow up with the appropriate responsible party.
-          3706 Southern: A vacant building notice was issued earlier this year; we’ll follow up to begin issuing citations right away. 
-       3814 Southern Ave. is going through the receivership process as well. We just received the results of our title search, so unless hurdles are encountered, a case will be filed in 2-3 weeks, and a court date will be set for 8-10 weeks from now.
-       3900 Southern Ave. appears to be owned by the same entity, but we’re currently working to clarify ownership and status and pursue legal action if warranted.

Thursday, August 23, 2012 8/23/2012 12:14:00 PM

Join the fight for a Healthy Harbor!

Everybody knows that Baltimore Harbor is polluted, but did you know that there’s a movement underway to make it safe for swimming and fishing by the year 2020?  The Healthy Harbor movement was started by the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, and is supported by Baltimore City as well as area businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

To see an example of what the Healthy Harbor movement has accomplished so far, you need only take a stroll down to the Inner Harbor to see the two thousand square feet of floating wetlands that have been installed next to the World Trade Center.  These islands float on plastic bottles that were recovered from the Harbor and use natural processes to remove pollutants from the water while providing native habitat for birds, fish, crabs, and other marine life. 

Waterfront Partnership, in collaboration with Blue Water Baltimore, is also working with neighborhoods upstream of the Harbor to help them become Clean Water Communities.  Neighborhoods are spreading the word and making a difference by cleaning up vacant lots, installing rain barrels, and painting storm drains.  Storm drain art engages neighborhood youth and helps neighborhoods keep their streets clean by reminding people that anything going down a storm drain ends up in the Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay.  Neighborhood storm drain murals often depict fish and crabs and include catch phrases like “trash in the street pollutes what we eat,” others remind residents of long buried urban streams that still flow beneath City streets with phrases like “Harris Creek is under our feet.”

To learn more about how to get yourself, your community or your business involved in the Healthy Harbor movement visit, follow Healthy Harbor on Facebook or contact Adam Lindquist at

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