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Herring Run Community Meeting

Event: Meeting re: Herring Run Park & the Harford Road Bridge over Herring Run
Day of Week: Monday
Date: Feb. 4, 2013
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Ray of Hope Baptist Church at 3000 Parkside Drive, Baltimore, MD 21214
The Friends of Herring Run Parks invite you to a public meeting regarding Herring Run Park. A brief history of the Herring Run Park Master Plan will be presented. Also, the Baltimore City Departments of Public Works, Transportation and Recreation and Parks will provide an update on current and future projects in Herring Run Park.  The centerpiece of the meeting is the discussion with community members.

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Community Meeting Minutes 12/5/12

The 12/5 WIA Meeting was opened  by 2nd Vice President Frank Williams.
He introduced Lt. Swan, Firefighter Pierson & CO Adkins from Engine Co #56, 6512 Harford Rd.
Lt. Swan spoke about the importance of CO & smoke detectors in the home.
Both are required by law in Baltimore City. The Fire Department provides free smoke detectors, which are available through 311. A fact sheet was passed out.

Next, Off. Blumberg from BPD Neighborhood Services Unit spoke about how to avoid being a victim of theft during the X-Mas season, including disposing of product packaging so that new items are not obvious (particularly electronics), keeping home exteriors well lit all night, use an inexpensive LOUD alarm, and engrave personal property with your Drivers License #. Other tips to deter crime are: avoid walking alone, carry handbags under your coat, don’t walk & talk on your cell phone and be aware of people around you, including making eye contact.
The PD will do free security assessments of your house, this can be scheduled through the Neighborhood Services Unit.
Lastly he invited WIA to “Coffee with a Cop” on 12/15  from 9:30am - 11:00am at McDonald's, 5713 Belair Rd. to meet the officers that patrol our neighborhood & discuss any concerns. If attendance is good this will become a regular event.

Other upcoming events are:
12/15  “Goods for Guns” from 10:00am – 2:00pm at City College on E. 33rd St
12/17 Christmas caroling and visiting with residents of Angel’s Cove, 5404 Belair Rd - Christmas caroling and visiting with residents at 6:30pm

Brandon Scott invited us to celebrate the anniversary of his first year in office on 12/6, He then discussed the upcoming BMZA hearing for an automotive repair & body shop at 4700-4706 Belair Rd. He is not personally in favor, “as car lots have caused vacancies in the corridor, and we need to have businesses that are good stewards to the neighborhood”. He will speak to the zoning board about WIA’s position (not in favor). Some discussion ensued regarding the current zoning status of the property, and zoning changes needing approval to have this type of business.
Councilman Scott reiterated his concerns about the Belair Rd. corridor and has handed out a booklet to business owners on Code Enforcement. Enforcement has begun.
Unofficially he told us that a new use the former “Hacienda” property (which has been demolished) is in progress & that it is something positive for the area,
Another addition is a new Sports Bar/Restaurant on Belair at Glenmore which is being opened by the owner of Darker Than Blue (on Greenmount Ave)

Continuing discussion of noise and other issues with a Church conducting services etc. in a private home on Ailsa at Arabia, included Councilman Scott and Mike Hilliard. Mike Hilliard volunteered to contact the Church after receiving their information.

Jordan Paley, Zach Bradley and Joanna Parker from Public Allies (part of AmeriCorps) spoke about their project. Their team of 8 people will be working through June(?) with HLMS to enhance community engagement through development of ideas and projects. The project is through the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Team Service Project They are available several hours a week for anything we feel would benefit our community. Past projects include Health Fairs; clean ups and greenspace planting. Joanna can be reached at 707-327-7740, and Susan Kessel has additional contact info.

FINALLY ......
Francis Beane has volunteered to help members understand the “Transform Baltimore”  the draft of the new Baltimore City Zoning Code Legislation, as it is important for us to discuss and be aware of the changes. These include changes for institutions, businesses and new residential.

PS .....
At WIA’s January 2nd Meeting - New officers will begin their terms

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