Hello Waltherson members.  It’s an honor to be back as your President, & I thank you for entrusting me.  We have a great group of people on the Board, a few seasoned members & a few new members.  Remaining on the Board is Susan Kessel, Frank Williams, Natasha Winston, Monica Guerrero Vázquez & Andy Ellis. New member is Mary Eileen Mullen. 

Together we are accomplishing goals, while also creating new goals.  We continue to appreciate your help, whether it is on occasion for an event or as a member of a committee. You can chose your involvement level.  Waltherson general meetings gather quarterly on Zoom; however our Board meets monthly (also on Zoom).  

Please consider joining us, or encourage your neighbors to get involved.  “It takes a village.”There’s a lot going on in & around Waltherson. How do we begin to tell you all the things we do?  I cannot list them all here, but we can share them with you when you attend the upcoming Waltherson general meeting on Tues 2/8 at 7 pm on Zoom. See you then.  

Stay warm & as always, please check on your neighbors who may be stuck inside & cannot get out.  We all need a helping hand every now & then. 


Helene Quinn