NECOP (the Northeast Citizens on Patrol) needs your support!

We go out Thursday, Friday and select Saturdays. The patrol starts at the Northeast District (1900 Argonne Drive) at 7:30 PM. You can stop patrolling whenever you need to or the police will call you in when it ends. You will have a police radio to stay in constant contact with the Police and they'll periodically check in with you. You also have the option of attaching a magnetic Citizens on Patrol sign to the top of your car so people are aware of what you are doing.

I've put a calendar up on the blog so you can easily see availability as well as other local events. Help us out by picking a day and sending me an e-mail at and I'll mark the time as scheduled.

Two things to look out for on the patrols:

1. Suspicious activity - Anything that looks odd or makes you feel uncomfortable can be relayed directly to the Police.
2. 311 information - I'd recommend bringing a piece of paper and write down any potholes, graffiti or anything else you feel needs to be reported and send it off to 311. This can be done either by phone or using the web-link under Resources in the side bar.

Leave confrontation to the Police, do not investigate things yourself. Citizens on Patrol are the eyes and ears of the Police Department, relay what you see and move on. Remember, the patrols are designed to make us visible and send a message that we will not stand for crime in our community. Do not be discouraged if you are not seeing crime occurring. You are still sending a powerful message to criminals and your neighbors by helping us patrol.

For more information, check out our training manual here.