Below are some tips for seniors sent out by the City as part of the CGHS Ambassador program.

Make Your Home Safe and Secure

  • Install good locks on doors and windows. Use them! Don't hide keys in mailboxes and planters or under doormats. Instead, leave an extra set of keys with a neighbor or friend.
  • Ask for photo identification from service or delivery people before letting them in. If you are the least bit worried, call the company to verify.
  • Be sure your street address number is large, clear of obstruction, and well- lighted so police and other emergency personnel can find your home quickly.
  • Consider a home alarm system that provides emergency monitoring for burglary, fire and medical emergencies.

Watch Out for Con Artists

  • Don't fall for anything that sounds too good to be true - a free vacation, sweepstakes, prizes, cures for cancer and arthritis, a low risk high- yield investment scheme.
  • Never give your credi card, phone card, Social Security, or bank account number to anyone over the phone. It's illegal for telemarketers to ask for these numbers to verify a prize or gift.
  • Don't let anyone rush you into signing anything- an insurance policy, a sales agreement, a contract. Read it carefully and have someone you trust check it over.
  • Beware of individuals claiming to represent companies, consumer organizations, or government agencies that offer to recover lost money from fraudulent telemarketers for a fee.
  • If you're suspicous, check it out with the police, the Better Business Bureau, or your local consumer protection office. Call the National Consumers League Fraud Information Center at 800- 876-7060.


The Police Department Host the
Baltimore City Police Explorers Program. This youth group is for children between the ages of 14-21. They work hand and hand with police officers, attend meetings and events and participate in community projects. Meetings are held in each district on Friday nights. For more information pleases give Officer Ward a call at the Northeast District 410-396-2444.  If you happen to live outside the Northeast the other district numbers are below.

Central Dist-410-396-2411..(Off Fields)...Southeast Dist-410-396-2422..(Off. Tracey)....Eastern Dist.-410-396-2433(Off. Amous)...Northwest Dist. 410-396-2466.... (Off. Jackson)...Western Dist..410-396-2477..(Off. Crown)..Southwest Dist..410-396-2488..(Off. Robinson)..Southern Dist..410-396-2499..(Off Vault)

The Eastern District is having a 2 dollar movie night on
September 25, 2009...Contact Officer Amos for 410-396-2433