Here are some tips concerning Burglary Prevention that was sent out by Mike Hilliard of the Harbel organization:

1.      Doors secured with single cylinder deadbolts.  Mail and newspapers
are not accumulating on the porch or in front of home.

2.      Windows locked.  In 70% of the burglaries committed in Northeast
Baltimore entrance is gained via a rear or side window.

3.      Keep Blinds and Shades closed.  Do not leave your wallet, car keys,
or other valuables in plain view

4.      Trees and shrubs are trimmed short enough so that all windows and
doors are visible from the street and people cannot hide behind them.

5.      When leaving the house for vacation, lights are connected to timers
that go on and off during evening hours. Newspapers and mail are being
held and are not accumulating on the lawn, porch, and steps

6.      Front and rear porch lights are left on throughout the night so
that the front and back of the house is constantly lit and visible.

7.      If you are out of your home, leave radios on at the front and back
doors of your house that are tuned to a talk radio station, and if you
are away for an extended period of time, place the radios on timers.

8.      If you see suspicious persons walking down the street with unboxed
TV’s or computers, leaving a neighbor’s home, or entering the rear
window of your neighbor’s home. Call 911.

9.      It has been learned the burglars often survey or case their targets
by posing as either carpenters or home repair persons.   They also
have been known to call their targets by phone to determine when they
are not home, and they will hang up immediately if you answer the

10.     If you are going away for a period of time, call the Northeast
District at 410-396-2444 and ask the police pay special attention to
the home while you are away.

11.     Engrave your valuables with your Maryland Driver’s License Number
known as your Soundex Number

12.     The interview of a burglar charged with numerous burglaries in
Northeast Baltimore revealed silent alarms did not deter him.
However, if he activated an audible alarm when he entered his target,
he fled immediately.  If you install an alarm, consider ensuring it
has an audible alarm component.

You can borrow an engraver to engrave your property with your driver’s
license or Soundex Number by calling the Northeast Police District
Community Relations Unit at 410-889-6499 or E-mailing Sgt. Chris
Tserkis at Officer Dave Blumberg at, Officer Joe Banks at, or Officer Rebecca Ward at