Monday March, 8, 2010 the 45th District will hold the Night in Annapolis with Senator Nathaniel J McFadden, Delegates Talmadge Branch, Cheryl Glenn and Hattie Harrison. The event will be held in the Casper Taylor House Office Building from 6 - 8 PM - a full dinner will be served and picture ID is needed for admittance. Buses leave Baltimore from the following locations:

Ashland Commons/Park View, 1715 E. Eager Street at 4:00pm

Chapel Green Community Association, 1007 N. Washington Street at 4:30pm

Oliver Multi-Purpose Ctr., 1400 E. Federal Street at 4:00pm

Fort Worthington Community Center, 2701 E. Hoffman Street at Kenhill at 4:30pm

Eastern District Police Station, 1600 Edison Hwy. at 4:00pm

First Church of God, 4801 Sipple Ave. at 4:30pm

Please RSVP to Delegate Glenn’s Office at 410-841-3257 by March 4, 2010