Urgent Message Concerning Burglaries in Northeast Baltimore from Major Darryl DeSousa, the Commanding Officer of the Northeast District particularly concerning the Lauraville, Hamilton Hills, and Westfield communities.

  •  The police are finding that burglars are posing as lawn care personnel.  They then wait until the victim goes to work and burglarize the house
    • They are suggesting that you attempt to use lawn care providers that you know
    • If you agree to let someone you do not know cut your lawn, make sure you ask and receive photo identification and that you record their full name, address, and date of birth
  •  The police believe that burglars are posing as home repair contractors
    • They are asking, if you see work vans in your area, you call 911.
    • The police are finding many large items such as big screen TV’s are being taken in recent burglaries, and they believe that burglars are using vans and box trucks to transport these items out of the area.