Below is an update regarding the roundtable sessions on the old school building at St. Anthony's just east of Belair and Frankford. There is a proposal by Baltimore International Academy Charter School to purchase and relocate into the building.  There is contact information at the end of the letter who you can contact with your opinion on the application.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments as well.

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                                                 November  26, 2011

Re: Update on the vacant former Mother Mary Lange/St. Anthony School

Dear Neighbor,

As promised, we are writing to you with an update after our recent roundtable sessions. 
State and City representatives, community residents, parishioners  and members of the business community were in attendance.  It was a wonderful representation of interested parties.

 Over 200 proposed uses, opportunities, community needs and concerns were expressed.  A full report is being prepared and will be sent out soon.  The suggested uses fell into ten categories with educational uses and community enrichment being predominant.   Among educational uses,  the Charter school known as the Baltimore International Academy (BIA), a language immersion school, was mentioned  most often.  The BIA is housed at present on the grounds of the Maryland School for the Blind but must vacate their  facility to accommodate  the School for the Blind’s expansion.    

We are grateful toState Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, the 45th District representative to the Maryland General Assembly, and Barbara Jackson,  President of the Frankford Improvement Association,  who  met  with the Archbishop of Baltimore, Archbishop Edwin O’Brien , shortly after the Roundtables.  At this meeting, Archbishop O’Brien stated that  the application of the BIA  was still “on the table”.  At this date, it is the ONLYcredible application.

BIA has expressed continued interest and has the financial  ability  to purchase and upgrade the building.   The Parish received a fresh application from them and on their behalf, the parish made application to the Archdiocese.   We believe we are fortunate that such an opportunity exists for use of this vacant building, knowing it is a preferred use as expressed at the Roundtables.

The application has been sent to a recently formed committee that  reviews and recommends approval of  real estate sales and leases in the Archdiocese - RETAC - Real Estate Transaction Committee.  Committee  members,  who are listed below,  are now  reviewing  the application and gathering comments.   

During all these deliberations, a funny thing happened to the school building:  it was in the Movies!!  HBO approached the archdiocese and asked that it be used for an episode of their new comedy which will come out in the spring called “VEEP”,  starring Julia Louis- Dreyfus. It was exciting having Hollywood on our doorstep.  For a few days, some of you thought you had moved to the Westside as the school was renamed “Westside Academy” for the week!  (Not to mention the ‘village’ that grew on the parking lot!!)

Now a big request:  you can help accelerate approval of the time sensitive BIA application.  If you are in agreement with the application of the Charter School,
 we invite you to ADD YOUR VOICE! Send a letter or e-mail  outlining your wish for the building to be used as a school,  such as the BIA.   Please feel free to write from your heart,make your thoughts known, especially your hopes for the community, the school’s influence in the past and how  this Charter School  will affect the future of our community.  Of course, time is of the essence, so it is important to write within the week.

We are sincerely grateful for your participation,  interest, support and voice  on behalf of our community.  We will keep you updated.

 Community Roundtable Committee


Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien, D.D                           Bishop Denis Madden, D.D, V.G
Apostolic Administrator and chair of RETAC                  Auxiliary Bishop and Urban Vicar        
Archdiocese of Baltimore                                                   Archdiocese of Baltimore
320 Cathedral Street,                                                          320 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201                                                          Baltimore, MD 21201                                        

Monsignor Richard W. Woy                                    Monsignor Robert Hartnett
Vicar General,                                                                       Executive Director
Archdiocese of Baltimore                                                   Office of research and Planning
320 Cathedral Street,                                                          Archdiocese of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 21201                                                          320 Cathedral Street,                                                            Baltimore, MD 21201

Mark Pacione,
Office of Research and Planning                          
Archdiocese of Baltimore,  ----------------->     Mark is an alumnus of St. Anthony’s School  
320 Cathedral Street,                                        and grew up in the neighborhood.
Baltimore, MD 21201