Waltherson Improvement Association
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
HARBEL Community Organization
Helene Quinn – chaired meeting
Everly Brown – note taker
23 in attendance

New Business:
1.       Faith Community Church – wants to have a Brownie troop clean and spray storm drains with eco-friendly paint.
2.       Liam Davis – liaison for Council President Young, addressed the concern over city water bills.  The City is actively working to correct the problem, but it will take a few years.  The good news is that what replaces the old system will be state of the art.  The goal is to have zero estimated water bills.  There was a compromise between Mayor Rawlings-Black and City Council President Young so that no house is in danger of a tax lien if their water bills have been estimated.

President’s Cup baseball tournament – for high school students from all city (public & private schools).  This is the 2nd year for the tournament. 

Growing the Game fundraiser – to support renovation and maintenance of sport fields.  Raised over $160,000 so far ($83,000 was a gift from the Orioles).  Have targeted two parks for improvement as a start.
3.       WIA vote -  Association voted to send a letter in support of the neighbors of Visions Catering stating that we do not support a zoning variance.

Old Business:
1.       Post Office at Harford & Southern - Helene passed out a petition to keep the branch open.  She and Nan will go door to door to raise awareness.
2.       Visions Catering – 5503 Richard Avenue.  WIA Board and neighbors of Visions met to hear their concerns.  The neighbors expressed concern about noise, music, overcrowding, crime, litter, selling liquor without a license, and adult entertainment.

Glenham Belhar meeting tonight will vote on supporting a zoning variance at Visions to allow it to operate as a banquet hall (it has been doing so without the variance).  The Hamilton Hills neighborhood association is against allowing the variance.  Local businesses have not weighed in.
Crime Report:
Between March 3, 2012 & April 3, 2012 there were 9 “part one” crimes (1 robbery, 1 aggravated assault, 7 larcenies).
·         Royal Farms shooting – police have a good description of the suspect and his vehicle.
·         3300 Moravia – elderly woman assaulted.  Have a description of the suspect.  It took place in the middle of the day and was a “crime of opportunity.”
·         Idaho Ave (Gardenville) murder.  An argument started in Cherry Hill. The perpetrator came to the victim’s house and shot and killed him there.
·         Mary Ave – drug bust.  Citizen gave good information to the Baltimore City Police.  They had enough information to allow a search & seizure.
·         Baltimore City Police have Orioles tickets to sell to support their Explorers program.