To: Acting Director Byrne Re. BMZ2021-00011 6040 Harford Road, CMDS Fayette House Dear Acting Director Byrne and Members of the Board, WIA is in opposition to the application for conditional use as a residential care facility (17 or more residents) at this location. This decision has been made with careful consideration after addressing this request at several Waltherson Community Meetings. We join with other associations in the greater Hamilton area in having concerns of the proximity to schools and other youth and pedestrian traffic, based on the proposed patient volume and density, among other factors. Most of these do not pertain to this zoning hearing. Regarding the drawings submitted, we question the discrepancy of the number of beds (136) which are greater than the number (104) submitted with the permit request. Please be aware that we are not in opposition to a treatment facility in our community, but we do not feel that one at this location would be of benefit to either the patient base or the community at large. Thank you for considering our opinion, President WIA