The police are investigating burglaries in the area, please be aware of the following:

The Northeast District has shared the following concerning the manner in which suspects are currently committing burglaries: 

  • They are entering homes through a basement door, kitchen window, or side door
  • They are placing items in suitcases found in the house and are exiting via the front door
  • They are typically leaving the area via a car or a U-haul of box truck parked in front of the house being burglarized 

The police are asking you to call 911 if you observe any of the following:

  • People walking with suitcases
  • People entering the rear and side of houses that appear to be unusual
  • If you see suspicious people getting into cars or box trucks or suspicious cars or box trucks is in your neighborhood, try to get a full or partial tag number and call 911
  • If you see a U-haul or a box truck in your area and persons are loading items into it call 911, and again try to get a full or partial tag number and call 911

Please be as specific as you possibly can when describing property stolen from you

  • The police are recovering what they believe to be stolen property, particularly jewelry, but they have often been unable to match it to that which has been reported stolen, thereby charging the person in possession of it with a crime and returning it to rightful owner.  Please try to be as specific as you possibly can be concerning descriptions of property that is stolen especially jewelry.

The police are finding that burglars are posing as lawn care personnel.  They then wait until the victim goes to work and burglarize the house

·         They are suggesting that you attempt to use lawn care providers that you know
·         If you agree to let someone you do not know cut your lawn, make sure you ask and receive photo identification and that you record their full name, address, and date of birth

The police believe that burglars are posing as home repair contractors

·         They are asking, if you see work vans in your area, you call 911.

·         The police are finding many large items such as big screen TV’s are being taken in recent burglaries, and they believe that burglars are using vans and box trucks to transport these items out of the area.