W a l t h e r s o n   I m p r o v e m e n t   A s s o c i a t i o n,  I n c
Invites all for a neighborhood meeting to discuss



    Zion Christian Middle School
@ 4 9 1 5   H O L D E R   A V E

Please come meet with the Mt. Zion School to hear them present updates on the Zion Gymnasium. Per the Waltherson communities requests, they have some proposed changes to the Gym and Classroom Building as well as traffic changes to present to us. Your input as a community member and neighbor is needed.

MON   9/16   @  7 PM
(@  Harbel, 5807 Harford Rd, Balto, MD 21214)

If you have concerns, please contact:    Helene Quinn / President WIA:  410-917-0628
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or Nextdoor website at https://waltherson.nextdoor.com/ to read more about it. 

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