A copy of our November Newsletter can be found at the link below:

Don't forget to come out to our Community Meeting Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:30 PM at Harbel (5807 Harford Road). 

Our agenda will be as follows:

o   Department of Transportation
§  Reconfiguration of the intersection at Hamilton & Frankford
§  Updates on Harford Road Bridge project
o   Delegate Cheryl Glenn
§  To discuss items from this legislative session
§  Discuss the law passed in 2012 that increased the distance that liquor stores can be from churches and schools to 500 ft for the 45th district
·       Waltherson Improvement Association Election
o   Vote on the 2016 board of representatives for the Waltherson Improvement Association
o   Vote on proposed change of meeting times from 1st Tuesday to 2nd Tuesday for our quarterly meetings in February, May, August, & November