CMDS Fayette House

Outline for 2/9/21 General Meeting

Topic:   CMDS Fayette House (an Addiction Treatment Facility)

6040 Harford Rd, just south of Christopher Ave

Research by our Zoning Committee from neighborhood meetings and communications with Zoning & other sources. 

·         CMDS = Client Management & Development Services

·         The property is a former nursing home. Current zoning for a Residential Care The facility only permits a maximum of 16 residents without zoning approval.   

·         CMDS is applying for a long term in-patient treatment program, (up to 90 days), with 8 patients per room & 104 beds. Walk-in clients will be accepted.

·         Zoning (BMZA) has currently suspended zoning hearings, due to employee limitations, but they could resume at any time. 

·         Funding will come primarily from State and Federal programs. This is not a not for profit. 

·         The location is nearby a school zone (Hamilton Elementary/Middle School).

·         Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association is the impacted association however all neighborhoods are involved, staying informed of information given.

·         The community has been told this will not be a methadone clinic.

·         There is no ONE-specific treatment program and there is no “standardization program” like many other drug treatment facilities.

·         CMDS Fayette House & Turning Point (on North Ave):  Several references say these two entities are related yet CMDS administrator states they are not affiliated.

·         Westfield visited the facility with Fayette House administrator & has been in contact with them however no common grounds have been agreed.  An attorney has been secured by Westfield.

·         Westfield has asked for donations from the neighboring associations and/or general public to help pay for the attorney to represent this case.  Their attorney is the same attorney as the Royal Farms project that was originally slated for Harford Rd next to Harbel. 

·         Other neighborhood associations have written & submitted letters of opposition of this facility. Their concerns include inequity of treatment, inadequate facility staffing & equitable care & security concerns These letters of opposition were sent to the BMZA, Council Persons & other applicable parties.  Waltherson Improvement Association is taking a vote at the next public meeting for the same action.  


We at Waltherson Improvement Association are committed to serving all of our community and that includes those struggling with addiction. We want to ensure that all who need help have access to adequate, research-based, equitable care. We are proposing that we join with our fellow North East neighborhood associations and oppose this project & submit a letter to the BMZA (and our council people) to preemptively oppose the permitting of this project.