Public Works Director Alfred H. Foxx today announced a new phase in the sewer replacement work along the Herring Run.  As work on the new sewer line from Argonne Drive to Harford Road to near Parkside Drive progresses, planned use of controlled explosives will be done next week to break through bedrock. 
Beginning on Monday, March 26th, controlled blasting will be used to clear the way for the new line.  This intermittent work will occur for approximately one week between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.   This phase of blasting will be concentrated on the east of the Harford Road Bridge between Harford Road and Parkside Drive adjacent to the Herring Run.  At a later date this will occur at a location west of Harford Road and it is possible that more blasting will be required as construction moves northwest towards Argonne Drive.
Nearby residents will hear a siren prior to the blasts and may hear some muffled echoes from the explosives.  Vibrations should not be felt by nearby homes.   
The explosives used in the work are not stored on site.
This work is part of over $1 billion dollars in sewer upgrades throughout Baltimore City.  This $12 million phase of the Herring Run sewer replacement work began in August 2011 and is scheduled for completion in January 2013.  It consists of 2300 linear feet of micro-tunneling for the 54 inch sanitary sewer,    650 linear feet of open cut installation for the same line, 1200 linear feet of open cut for 8-36 inch connecting pipe installation and 15 new pre-cast manholes.
Director Foxx stated: “This work, and adjacent sewer upgrades, will resolve long-standing problems with sewer overflows into Herring Run.  It will also improve sewer service for our citizens in northeast Baltimore.  Herring Run Park is the heart of many neighborhoods and protecting the water quality there will only help to further enhance this beautiful part of Baltimore City.”