Nancy urged Waltherson to fight the closing of the Hamilton Post Office.  A vote was held calling for WIA to write letters to the Post Office and our State Representatives asking them to keep the Post Office open.  The motion passed.

The Community Law Center spoke about the services they offer community associations.  They encouraged us to call 311 repeatedly for nuisance issues and code violations.  If issues are not resolved they can be presented to the association and we can work with the community law center to address the issue.  A question was asked whether houses with boards over the doors and windows qualified as a nuisance property and we were told that if the boards are put up properly, boards alone were not a code violation.

The police spoke about crime in our neighborhood.  Crime is down in the district overall.  District wide there were 200 burglaries a month back in October and those have reduced to about 70 a month.  Waltherson had approximately 5 residential burglaries last month and overall our crime was about 20 incidents in the month, most of these affecting larcenies from businesses along Harford & Belair Rds.

Mike Hilliard reminded us the primary is coming up on April 3rd and that there is a scam where people are posing as Comcast employees going door-to-door trying to fraudulently obtain money.

Mike Hilliard also mentioned preliminary plans for a Royal Farms at Harford Rd & Glenmore north of us.  It is unclear whether the Royal Farms at Harford & Echodale would close if these plans come to fruition.  He also mentioned a man is interested in purchasing the liquor license and establishment at 4825 Belair Rd, the location previously occupied by Club Uzo.

Helene asked if anyone was interested in participating in a two hour disclosure review for Home Owners Insurance to make home owners aware of what was covered by their policies.  She asked for those interested to contact her.

A question was raised about Bike Lanes on Walther and whether or not both lanes were still travel lanes.  Once the bike lane was painted the area between the bike lane and the curb became parking only.  The city is putting in measures to make this clearer and prevent driving in the shoulder.   Currently posts have just gone up in the lanes to prevent driving on the right side.  We explained that Nate Evans told us the plan the city presented to us was that the bike lanes would be extended to Eastern Parkway & Walther with a single lane of traffic between Harford Rd and Frankford Ave.

Meeting was adjourned.