Under appeal number 2012-218 Micelelle Fortune is appealing to the Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals (BMZA) to use 5528 Belair Rd. for a tattoo and piercing parlor. The BMZA will hear this appeal on Tuesday, @ 2 PM in Room 215 at City Hall. 

We have found that letters of either support or opposition to the BMZA from the affected community and HARBEL have had significant impact on the BMZA's decisions.  Thus, I would urge you to take a position on this issue as quickly as possible, and write a letter to the BMZA. 

Further, if your community association apprises me of its position in this matter as soon as you possibly can, I will ensure a letter from HARBEL is FAXED to the BMZA supporting your position prior to the hearing.

Letters should be mailed to:

Mr. David Tanner
Executive Director
Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals
417 East Fayette St., 14th floor, Rm. 1432
Baltimore, MD 21202

Mr. Tanner’s FAX number is: 410-625-8422

Mr. Tanner’s E-mail is: david.tanner@baltimorecity.gov